Kishore Mishra


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Happy Kidz Pre School for an exciting 2021-2022 school year. Happy Kidz Pre School has come to be recognized as a place where the entire educational community takes pride in addressing the needs of school students in a diverse and rich community. Happy Kidz continues to enjoy a reputation of providing a superb balance a tradition of excellence and innovation of approach .Our greatest assets in furthering this legacy have been our students and educators whose commitment and dedication to HKS is evident daily in the value they together add to this rich heritage.

As your principal, I can assure you that our school will continue to avail all the resources needed to further the cause for even greater student achievement. Offering our students the latest in curriculum enhancements environment will continue to serve as our primary focus throughout this new school year. It is in the spirit of meeting this challenge, that I invite all of our parents to partner with our students, their instructors, coaches, guidance counselors and administrators in helping to pave the path to what I believe are the endless new horizons of greater student achievements. I Personally look forward to seeing all of you at our school functions and PTM throughout the session.

Working on the presumption that best can be bettered and that there is always room at the top, only the bottom is crowded,we drive each child to realize his/her potential in his/her pursuit of excellence.