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For the best interactive learning experience

Why Learn At Home?

Interact and collaborate in real time

Live classes for your child in a simple, highly interactive and responsive web-based virtual classroom.

Track milestones

With age specific structured learning outcomes, you can track and maintain your little one’s milestones through the developmental tracker.

Routines for child

Establish a daily routine that supports your child’s learning and keeps them busy, engaged and happy in a constructive manner while at home.

Safe and secure

With secure data and digital IP protection, we assure you that the safety of your child will always come first.

Bring the classroom to your home

Bring out the best in your child while ensuring that the learning always continues.

Convenient Subscription Model

Learn At Home is now available on a subscription-based payment model that allows you to pay monthly, quarterly, or for the entire year – at your convenience.

Safety and health in mind

Our online learning practices are in sync with globally accepted norms. we can create for your child a wonderful learning experience.