Happy Kidz believes that young children learn best through a curriculum which begins with an understanding of their play. Children learn through active play rather than passive learning. Children also understand things which are real or concrete rather than abstract. We emphasize the process of learning rather than the products.

Our curriculum is planned on a monthly basis for each group and is appropriate for the age span of the children in the group. Areas of consideration are the different needs, interests and developmental levels of the individual children. Our program addresses the needs of the whole child, taking into account all of their developmental needs: physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. We feel that a program that addresses only the cognitive or academic needs of children cannot prepare them with all of the skills they will need for life.

Our program is based on the belief that not all children share the same interests. We allow children to make many choices throughout the day, regarding which activities they wish to participate in. Our goal is to shape the program around the children, rather than fitting the children into the program. Our Curriculum is integrated throughout the classroom. Our themes are introduced through group time and stories, then carried through their art projects, games, songs and play.


Musical Perception

– Auditory perception & voice development
– Vocal enhancement and phonological awareness
– Effective communication skills
– Enhanced learning through music & rhythm

Visual Arts

– Higher order and “out-of-the-Box” thinking skills
– Develops visual traits of a form or object
– Figures visual-spatial ground relationships
– Creativity and mathematical awareness


– Documentation of day to day activities
– Anecdotal records
– Quarterly observation records
– Visual records

Value Education

– Thinks and asks questions
– Address emotional needs of the child
– Helps to discover strengths
– Enhances positive attitude and behaviour

Life Skills

– Cultivates Independent thinking
– Interacts aptly
– Acquire art of socialization
– Sensory Processin


– Recognize simple spatial concepts
– Number Sense
– Manipulate concrete material
– Apply numeracy concepts and skills

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