About Our Happy Kidz Pre School

Through play and education our students experience activities designed to encourage language development, academic readiness, creativity, exploration, physical stimulation, experimentation, discovery, emotional growth, and social interaction. At Happy Kidz, we understand that the foundation for your child’s future is laid during the formative years. Therefore, your child’s dignity, safety and freedom are of paramount importance to us. Your child is always invited to participate in an activity, so he/she can communicate his/her thoughts and be creative, as well as develop a sense of self-worth.



Happy Kidz Pre School is a venture of B.E.T. an ISO 9001:2008 certified education provider which was established in 2008. Happy Kidz is a developmental preschool with comprehensive activities for your child to receive a warm and enriching preschool experience providing them with the foundation to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually.


We nurture your child’s talents and strength, and encourage them through difficult tasks. Happy Kidz is devoted to provide and implement a well planned curriculum and a well designed, happy, loving and caring environment for the children. We inculcate an atmosphere of mutual respect to build a healthy relationship between child, parent and staff.

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Our facilities

We work together to make learning experiences inside and outside the classroom effective, meaningful and joyful. The kids learn through play having fun in a warm stimulated environment. Our infrastructure meets all the child safety guidelines. Our facilities includes:


Outdoor /indoor play area

Optimum student teacher ratio

Air conditioned classrooms

CCTV surveillance campus